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December 18th, 2014 SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN

We received some disappointing news this morning. After a final production run, A123 Systems will discontinue the APR18650M1A cell with no anticipated replacement in the 18650 form factor. If your needs dictate the APR18650M1A cell in your products, now would be the time to reach out to us to place a pre-order for the final production run.

-- EVDM Corporation

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ANR26650M1B Cell
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AMP20M1HD-A Prismatic Cell (Carton of 20 cells)
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Sale Price: $1,300.00

ANR26650 Lithium Ion Cylindrical Cell

Nanophosphate® ANR26650M1-B: The ANR26650M1-B is the next generation of A123 Systems’ pioneering 26650 cylindrical cell, now with greater power and energy density and lower impedance. This versatile lithium ion cell is suitable for a wide variety of applications and system designs. Proven performance in the toughest conditions, combining durability, reliability, and safety, the ANR26650 cell offers an excellent combination of price-performance.

AMP20 Lithium Ion Prismatic Cell

Nanophosphate® AMP20M1HD-A: A123's AMP20 prismatic pouch cell is built to deliver high energy and power density combined. The AMP20 prismatic cell demonstrates industry-leading abuse tolerance coupled with excellent life performance under the most rigorous duty cycles. The AMP20 delivers high usable energy over a wide state of charge (SOC) range to minimize pack oversizing and offer very low cost per watt-hour.